New IM networks for Windows Live?


No doubt about it Windows Live Messenger is popular, almost everyone has a Windows Live ID & messenger is installed on almost every new computer. Thus making it an easy choice for most peoples IM needs.

However, there are still a lot of people who use another service, Microsoft connected Messenger to Yahoo’s IM service a while ago… Now they are ready to open it up to everyone.. and I do mean everyone

AOL, ICQ, Skype, Facebook & Google Talk are among the services mentioned in a leaked internal message to developers.


“We are currently aiming to achieve full integrative support for widely popular instant messaging networks. Therefore, we have started discussions with the back-end and front-end Developer Teams of AOL LLC, Skype Ltd and Google Inc. Furthermore, we have intensified our cooperation with Facebook Inc. for a similar purpose,”

says Dharmesh Mehta, Windows Live Messenger Product Manager.

Going by the source it seems that the “integrative support” will show up sometime in Q4 2009. Right around the time that Windows Live Wave 4 hits.

I for one, am very excited about this… One IM client instead of 5… that will be nice.

We will just have to wait and see if the can smoothly pull it off, are you excited about this?