Windows Live Products Nominated For Webware 100 Awards

Webware2009 Awards, nominations, it must be the season as yet again we can report to you about some more of those. This time about Windows Live and other Microsoft products nominated for CNET’s Webware 100 Awards 2009. Each year Webware awards the top 100 Web 2.0 apps/services, they are selected by Webware readers and by the users of the products Webware covers.

This year 13 Microsoft products are nominated:

Communication (Vote!)

Infrastructure & Storage (Vote!)

  • Windows Live SkyDrive, with 25GB of free online file storage and sharing.
  • Windows Live Sync, peer-to-peer file synching and sharing, plus remote access to multiple computers.
  • Live Mesh (Beta) ties together your network of devices, synchronized folders, and cloud storage.
  • Microsoft Silverlight helps developers “light up the web” with richly interactive web applications that work across platforms and browsers.

Search & Reference (Vote!)

  • Live Search gives you fast, relevant results… plus gorgeous photos on the Search page.

Browsing (Vote!)

  • Internet Explorer 8, faster, easier, safer browsing—and have you tried the new Accelerators that provide instant driving directions, translations, and more?

Location-based Services (Vote!)

  • Live Search 411, a free directory assistance number (1-800-CALL-411) that can also send maps, movie listings and more right to your phone.
  • Live Search Maps, if you haven’t tried their bird’s eye view yet, prepare to be wowed.

Commerce (Vote!)

  • Live Search Farecast (Beta) helps you find the best airfare deals by predicting when prices are likely to rise or fall for your destination.

Productivity (Vote!)

Big thanks to Antonia for compiling this list. You can vote until April 30, 2009, noon Pacific Time. Let’s hope this year will be at least as successful as 2007 and 2008. In 2007 Hotmail, Messenger, Live Search, and Microsoft Virtual Earth got awarded and in 2008 Windows Live Home, Hotmail, Messenger, and Live Search won.

Want to help? Go on, vote today for your favorite products!