The Future Of Zune, Windows Mobile & More

It’s that time of year again, every Spring & Fall the Microsoft rumors start flying (Hey, Apple can’t have all the rumors to themselves).

With so many great products in the pipeline its no wonder people are excited. Most people are expecting Windows 7, Windows Mobile 6.5, Updates to Zune & Windows Live Wave 4 all to make an appearance before the end of the year.  Numerous sources at Microsoft have also confirmed to us two upcoming updates for Zune. The smaller “Spring” update and the much more comprehensive “Fall” update Which according to the gossip around Redmond will be more like a mid to late summer update.

Windows Mobile 6.5 & 7

As you already know Windows Mobile 6.5 will be arriving sometime this summer, and its a worthy stepping stone from 6.1 to 7. I’ve installed a very early beta version on a HTC Touch-Pro which you can see here.  Windows Mobile 7 however promises to be the release that takes Win-Mo to the next level. With deep Zune integration and much more. There have been a lot “leaked” screenshots of the upcoming OS over the past few weeks. With even Microsoft itself teasing something or another on their “Software + Services” Web site. According to a source deep inside Microsoft, all of these “Screenshots” are ether fake, mock-ups or  really really old.The source goes on to say, that Windows Mobile 7’s UI is much more radical and new-thinking then any of the screenshots that have leaked yet.


Zune has always been a touchy subject, Microsoft keeps telling us that Zune is doing well. The media and most blogs rail on the Zune like there is no tomorrow. Blogs had a field day earlier this year when Microsoft quietly broke the Zune team into two pieces. With the device team being absorbed by Windows Mobile team and the software team joining up with the entertainment and devices group. Unlike most splits, this one had good ramifications. For one thing it deeply embedded the Zune team within the Windows Mobile Dev. Team. Our source tells us that purchasers of the New Zune will see the benefit’s of this marriage 1st. Basically when the 3rd or 4th (depending on how you count generations)  generation launches this late summer or fall. You will be getting a sneak peak at some of Windows Mobile 7’s features a year early. Of course this will not be the only update, The Zune team is working hard on bringing some completely new services to the Zune platform. These are services that will really set the Zune apart, trust me when I say that . One of these future updates will fill a gap in the Zune marketplace that has been a sticky spot for even for Apple & the iPod.

Are you excited yet? I know I am.  Keep checking back right here on Liveside for all the latest updates. You can also follow me on Twitter for even more Microsoft news