Live Search for Blackberry updated

Word is getting out that Live Search for Blackberry was updated recently, and now supports many more Blackberry devices, including the Bold, the Curve 8900, and the Blackberry Storm.  If you have a Blackberry (or another mobile device that Live Search for Mobile supports) you can go to and download or update.

Of course what you can’t do is get any information about the update on the Live Search for Blackberry website at  That site now resolves to possibly the most awful looking site on the internet –


(luckily you’re spared the animation, it’s bad enough as a screenshot)  Vern Fonk must be rolling over in his grave.

The Blackberry sites are all over the update, which is getting good buzz on Twitter (as is the Live Search for TMobile Sidekick app).  However we can’t find a mention anywhere on a Microsoft site or blog – are we missing something?