Ad Agencies vie for “Pink” campaign: Zune enabled phones coming soon?

zunelogo Hot on the heels of Twitter as a source of breaking news, we’re getting a lot of good stuff lately from ad agency watchers like Ad Age and Ad Week.  The latest comes from an Ad Week article reporting on a bidding war for a new Microsoft “mobile application”, “with the code name ‘Pink’”.  According to the report, bidding is expected to be completed in May, and pits long time lead Microsoft ad agency McCann Erickson against Crispin Porter + Bogusky, creators of the “I’m a PC” campaign, and JWT, who just won a big contract for the upcoming rebrand of Live Search.

If Mary Jo Foley is right, Roz Ho’s Project Pink has something to do with a Zune-enabled mobile device; not a Microsoft built Zune Phone, per se:

(A year ago I speculated that Microsoft officials were carefully choosing their words about the existence of Zune phones. Looks like I was right. There will be Zune phones. There will be other kinds of Zune-enabled mobile devices. But they won’t be crafted — beyond the reference chassis — by Microsoft.)

We’ve already had confirmation of a new Zune device this year, and hints that it may be a Tegra-fied Zune HD, but Zune is about to become much more than just an mp3 player.  Zune as a platform, coming from the Mother of all platform companies, Microsoft, should be fun to watch.