Live Search cashback updated; now integrated with Live Search Products

Live Search cashback, the program that pays US users of Live Search to purchase certain products after conducting Live Searches for them, has been integrated into Live Search Products, according to a blog post on the Live Search team blog.


Integration with the Live Search Products vertical is a natural fit which makes getting cashback a natural part of online search, shopping, and research.  In addition to bringing cashback to Products, a number of improvements have been made to the product:

There are quite a few enhancements you’ll see now that we’ve combined these two interfaces. We have improved relevance and site performance now that we’ve migrated from the legacy Jellyfish technology (a company Microsoft purchased in October 2007) to our own Live Search platform. You’ll now see reviews and Opinion Ranking on the product pages . Opinion Ranking crawls the Web for reviews, categorizes them into features, then provides ratings for those product features. You can also browse by feature and sort by ratings.


I actually just used cashback the other day to purchase a first gen brown (of course) Zune from eBay, receiving an instant 10% off my Buy It Now purchase.  The discount has been fluctuating nearly every day for eBay purchases, from a low of 9% to a high of 13% recently (at one point last fall cashback for eBay Buy It Now purchases was 35%!).  I was quite happy with the experience, and pleased to receive notification that my cashback reward was immediately credited to my account, nice!