Translator coming for websites; available for Office now

At Mix 09, the Microsoft Translator team announced a new web page widget, built on top of a new AJAX API, and put up a sign up sheet for anyone who was interested in trying it out.  We hear those invites are about to be fulfilled, but when we saw that Long Zheng had one, of course we threw a hissy fit and got ours a little early.  You’ll have to tell us how good of a job it does translating, but hey it sure is fun to see LiveSide in Arabic! 


If you haven’t signed up to try it out on your own site, you still can.

In addition, today the team announced a new download, one that installs Microsoft Translation as the default translator in Microsoft Office 2003 or 2007, in the Research bar.  Their blog post has links to the download.

UPDATE: The Translator team was kind enough to give us one extra invite key, which we shared with our Chinese sister site, now we can read what he’s written when he IMs us links all the time ;)