AT&T Launches Child Locator Service With Virtual Earth

AT&TfammapWorried about your child’s whereabouts when he/she isn’t at home? AT&T just launched a service, called FamilyMap, that allows you to follow your child in real time via his/her mobile phone (yep, it does require your child to have a phone). Almost all AT&T phones are supported, as long as it’s not a Prepaid or Go phone.

So how does it work?
You give your child one of the supported AT&T devices (A-GPS ones are most accurate), then log in to the FamilyMap web site from your PC or mobile device, and you will see your child’s whereabouts on a Microsoft Virtual Earth map. You can even view where your child is in Bird’s Eye view! All this provided the phone is turned on and locatable within the AT&T network of course. Through the tool’s schedule checks option, parents can also receive alerts at specified times via text or e-mail. For example, parents could request a schedule check every weekday at 4 p.m. to check on their child’s location.

What does it cost?
You get the first 30 days free! At the end of the free 30 days, you will automatically be subscribed and charged $9.99 per month thereafter to locate up to two family members or $14.99 per month thereafter to locate up to five family members unless you cancel service. Of course standard data and messaging charges apply during the first 30 days and beyond.

More information can be found on the FAQ page and on Chris Pendleton’s blog.

With thanks to Jim from Waggener Edstrom for the heads up.