Spaces Team shuts down their blog (eh, what?)

spacecraft From the News of the Weird Department, the team that makes the blogging software for Microsoft, Windows Live Spaces, has decided to shut down their, umm, blog.  Posts on The Space Craft and Windows Live Wire announced on Friday that the two would be merging, with content appearing on Windows Live Wire (the Windows Live team blog).  Judging by the numbers of commenters on the posts asking for help with their Windows Live issues, it seems to us that Windows Live needs MORE blogs, not less, but maybe that’s just us.  The posts helpfully provide links to the Windows Live Twitter account, and to the Windows Live Messenger Facebook page, apparently just to add an even more surreal spin to the story.

Of course we know probably better than anyone how tough it is to blog consistently about Windows Live, but we’ve always found it slightly bizarre that there aren’t lots more Spaces bloggers.  Rob Dolin has done a good job, and there are others, but this is one team at Microsoft who don’t seem to know how to eat their own dogfood.