Coming Next Week: New Web Activities And Contact Importing From MySpace, Hi5 And Tagged

fpcomplete_thumb[1] Yes, we’ve been waiting for this! In the next few days, 20 new feed partners will be added to Windows Live, so you can add all your activities on for example Facebook, Digg,, SmugMug, and Fotolog to your profile. Every time you do something on those sites it will turn up on your profile, and of course in your friend’s “What’s New” feed. These new additions bring the grand total of third-party content partners to more than 30!

Feed Partners:

Daum, flickr, Flixter, iLike, Pandora, Photobucket, StumbleUpon, TripIt, Twitter, WordPress, Yelp

New feed partners:

Live Journal, OverBlog, Typepad, Dailymotion,, Zune Social,, Fotolog, SmugMug, MSN, Digg, Arto, Dada, FaceBook, Hevre, Hyves, MClub (GMedia), MetroFLOG, Yandex,

But that’s not all that is coming! Soon, MySpace, Hi5, and Tagged will join Facebook and LinkedIn as sites that let you invite your friends to Windows Live (and vice versa).

All of these updates and more (as soon as we find out what the “more” is we’ll post it here on LiveSide) will go live in the next week! I can’t wait.

In the meantime you can read this QnA with Brian Hall: Windows Live: Power Through Simplicity or watch the videos about how to add web activities and inviting friends in Rob Dolin’s post on windowslivewire.

Edit: oops, forgot Twitter. Thanks CalumJR