Home.live.com: Is This The “More”? Web Slice For What’s New With Your Network

Might this be the “more” spoken about here? Picturepan2, spotted something in Angus Logan’s vids that were posted in Rob Dolin’s post:
A web slice* icon on home.live.com! Now what might that be for? From what we see in a screenshot in Seika’s post, it is for “What’s new with your network.” Very handy indeed, but don’t we already have something like that? Well, yes and no.

If you have the Windows Live Toolbar installed you will see that also has a “What’s New” button:
So no, we don’t have a web slice like that yet, and yes, the ”What’s New” in Windows live Toolbar looks a lot like it. The biggest difference is that by the looks of it the new web slice (might this also be released in the coming week?) will only feature 3 10 updates, whereas the Toolbar one does 5.

*Web slices are a feature of IE8, should you not have IE8 yet please download and install it from the Internet Explorer homepage.

Edit: The web slice just appeared for me on home.live too, and it indeed shows 10 updates. To see all of them, just stretch out the slice as far as you can by holding the bottom right corner with your left mouse button and drag ;)