MSN to launch new homepage option; testing topic focused homepages has just launched a new home page option, this one focused on Entertainment, and is kicking off a new phase of topic-focused homepage testing.

From the MSN Home page, you should see an option on the left hand side, “Want more entertainment content? Try our beta homepage”:


Once you’re on the beta page, you’ll see more Entertainment focused content


Some of the features (from an email announcing the new homepage):

  • An extra entertainment slide in the homepage slideshow every day
  • Enhanced navigation to entertainment properties
  • Additional entertainment-based videos
  • Direct links to Live Search and Windows Live Hotmail and Messenger
  • Option to share direct feedback with MSN about the new page

The new entertainment homepage is the first of many efforts that MSN will be testing around the world in the coming months, as it informs future homepage plans. The new pages will increase relevancy for MSN’s audience and tailor the experience to their interests. The basic goal behind the tests is to deepen the engagement of current and future MSN users – showing them that MSN is the place to go to be in the know.

These new homepages won’t be a replacement for the homepage, but will be an option that users can opt in to for a more customized experience.