Photosynth Experimental Viewer Now Main Viewer For Photosynth

Some news we’ve missed out on: Photosynth got updated again. The experimental Silverlight viewer has now become the main Photosynth viewer. This means that not only PC users, but also Mac users can view the synths, comment and mark them favorite. The embedding code has also been moved over to Silverlight.

The viewer controls got updated. Based on your feedback and support all the navigation buttons are now in the center bottom of the viewer:

The Halos (or Donuts) that were shown when there was an object that can be rotated around has a different visual icon in the new viewer too.

And that’s not all, you can now add highlights to your synth. So those watching your synth will not miss out on the best spots! How?
– Click Edit Synth and Highlights (in the right info area for your synth)
– Find A Great Photo (Optional: Give it a Title & Caption) – Click Add Highlight
– Find Another Great Photo… repeat.
– Click Save
Now on the right of your Synth you will see a bar with the highlights:
Clicking on them will fly you straight to that highlight, how cool is that?
Some more examples: Art Gallery of New South Wales, Martello Tower: Inside & Out

This move in viewer does come with a downside though: a step back in performance because of the lower frame rate and delayed point cloud density… but the team is working hard on improving performance so that the Silverlight viewer can not only be more feature rich than the D3D viewer but be equally high performance if not better. You can still view synths with the old Direct3D viewer btw, just click “View Synth in Direct3D Viewer” at the bottom left of the viewer area on any synth page.

Another new feature is that you can now upload your synths without making it public. Ideal for fine tuning your Synths before sharing them.