Live Search: What To Do When You Have Complaints About MSNbot

Making improvements to the quality and depth of the Live Search index often affects how MSNBot collects data. So what if you have complaints about the bot behavior and crawl frequency, how do you leave feedback?

As the Live Search development team is busy making improvements and new algorithms are tested, the Live Search Webmaster Center team reminds us how to do that. You can do one of the following:

· Check the Live Search Webmaster Center’s Crawling/Indexing Feedback and Discussion forum. Check to see if your feedback has already been addressed in an existing thread. If not, post your feedback in a new thread. Please be sure to include all of the pertinent details surrounding your incident. This will help us investigate the incident from our side and assist in the process of providing a response to you.

If you don’t want your details posted in the forum, please post the basic information and identify the issue as a private matter. The Webmaster Center forums moderator will contact you directly for more information.

· Contact Live Search Support directly. You can use the Live Search Support form to send us your feedback. Select option Other from the form’s drop-down list and complete the rest of the form. Include as much detail as you can in the comments box on specific events, dates, and other information that will assist us in tracking down the details from our side.

Of course they welcome all feedback, not just bot-related issues. Once they have received your feedback, the issue will be investigated and they’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Please allow time for the technical investigation.

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