Countdown to Kumo? Neowin reader spots 40 day clock

A post on a Neowin forum crossed our path this weekend (thanks for the tip, CalumJR!): apparently the poster was hanging out at Bldg 88 (which does house parts of Live Search), and spotted a “Countdown to Kumo” clock on a TV there. 

I’m just sitting in MS now and there is a TV with a preview of kumo, the countdown says 40days 18 hours. If this intrests anyone.

The post is time-stamped April 23 22:05, so if our math is right (and when has our math EVER been right?), that puts the Zero Hour at or around 4pm Tuesday June 2nd.

What makes that date particularly interesting, of course, is that its the night before Qi Lu’s first keynote, at SMX Advanced in SeattleDr. Lu, Microsoft Online Services Division President, who spent 10 years at Yahoo! before coming to Microsoft on January 5th, will make his first public appearance in a keynote at 9am pdt on Wednesday June 3rd.  We’ll be there, of course, and we’ll have more on Search and SMX Advanced soon, stay tuned.

Just for fun we created our own countdown clock, in the right hand sidebar.  Anyone wandering by Bldg 88 who wants to check our clock settings is welcome to send us a tip!