BuddyFuse, Connecting The Social

BuddyFuseBuddyFuse, created by Dutch Computer Science student and former Microsoft Intern Yousef El-Dardiry, Jeroen Bransen and friends, integrates third party (social / IM) networks into Windows Live Messenger. By doing this you can chat with your friends on those social networks from Windows Live Messenger, so no need to go to these networks anymore just for a chat. Currently it is available in beta, only supporting the Dutch social network Hyves. They do plan on integrating other social networks too, like Facebook, Google Talk (GMail chat) and Twitter. An International release is also planned for 2009.

Installation is simple, install BuddyFuse, then start Messenger. You will notice there’s an extra option in the login screen. Once logged in you can control your Hyves Accounts from the button it added next to the mail icon above the contact list:
BuddyFuseButton  chat_nl 
When you’ve added your account, all your Hyves contacts will be loaded into your buddylist and you can chat away…

[view: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuKdb8vu7xA:400]

This sure is a nice addition to Windows Live, like an extension to the new activities that are coming to home.live (also includes Hyves). Personally I can’t wait for them to integrate Facebook. How about you? Interested and want to keep informed on when an International version is released? Fill out this small form, and they’ll keep you posted (email). You can also follow them on Twitter.