More Tough Love: LiveSide interviews Danny Sullivan about Live Search

smxadvancedlogo Danny Sullivan, Editor in Chief of Search Engine Land, conference organizer for Search Marketing Expos and Search Marketing Now, and all around search guru, took some time with us today to talk about Live Search, in conjunction with the upcoming SMX Advanced conference he’s holding here in Seattle on June 2 and 3.  When we applied for press credentials to the event, we were asked if we would like to speak with Danny, and we jumped at the chance.

Danny has been vocal about Microsoft’s search efforts, and we talked about two recent posts of his – “Tough Love for Microsoft Search”, and “How Google Shot Microsoft After It Took A Knife To A Gunfight”, about Kumo (which just might, if we’re lucky, make an appearance at SMX Advanced), about Yahoo!, about why search advertisers are rooting for Microsoft, and how Google doesn’t like Microsoft, and doesn’t like to lose.  It was a fun conversation, and we really enjoyed getting a chance to talk to Danny.

You can listen to the interview (about 24 minutes, 9.8mb), or download the mp3.

Some highlights:

  1. Does Microsoft still need tough love?  00:00
  2. Is winning at search harder than Microsoft thought it was going to be?  04:03
  3. Taking a knife to a gunfight: competing with Google  07:29
  4. Live Search cashback: is it changing the game?   09:16
  5. What about Yahoo!?          12:18
  6. Is the name the problem?    16:21
  7. Does Microsoft have to knock Google out to win in search?  19:54
  8. A preview of SMX Advanced   23:10