Visualizing Swine Flu On Virtual Earth

The Swine Flu, who hasn’t heard of it yet, and who isn’t tracking it? It’s all over the news; tv, sites, the blogosphere and twitter of course. Now you can also track it on Virtual Earth:

Live Search Maps has a collection highlighting reported cases (both confirmed and unconfirmed) and the routes they traveled between home and vacation / business where they apparently contracted the strain.


– UMapper built out a version of the swine flu data which overlays raster tiles on Virtual Earth and renders it through a Flash interface. The heat map (which gets updated a few times through the day) shows the impact of the outbreak around the world where the hot areas are white at the center cooling off to orange and purple. This one is embeddable, so you can display it on your own site:

– Bo Zhao, a University of Florida student, build out a sweet UMapper Swine Flu mashup on in Flash that includes the heat map mentioned previously, but also includes pins indicating flu outbreaks and sweet animations if there are multiple pins in a single location. You can switch map styles and toggle the pins on the map.

Via: Virtual Earth, An Evangelist’s Blog : Visualizing Swine Flu on Virtual Earth