NewCloudApp() Azure Developer Contest: Win $5000

azure-logo_2 Just announced today, NewCloudApp(), The Azure Services Platform Developer Challenge, offers US based Azure developers a couple of chances to win exposure via and major Microsoft events, Channel 9, the Structure Azure conference, and a $5000 Visa Gift Card.  Judging the contest, which has both .Net and PHP categories, are Om Malik of GigaOM, and Michael Cote of RedMonk.  In addition, a community winner will be chosen, based on voting to take place between June 19th and June 29th.  Some details from

Contest Categories

.NET Applications

Create a .NET application running on Windows Azure. Use your creativity to incorporate additional Azure services such as .NET Services and Live Services. Or incorporate any other Microsoft or 3rd party services. A compelling user interface is key to a great application – use ASP.NET or Silverlight to author a unique web experience, or create a .NET desktop or mobile application interacting with services in the cloud.

PHP Applications

Build a PHP application running on Windows Azure. Take your application to the next level by integrating with other Azure services or 3rd party services and push the boundaries of interoperability.

Increase Your Chances of Winning!

Tell the world about your experience and the application you built through your blog and Twitter!

Please come back Wednesday 06th May 2009 to start registering applications.

More details at the website