Tips for adding Facebook Web Activity on your Windows Live Profile

FB Windows Live Profile was just recently updated with the ability to add 20 new Web Activities, and one of which includes Facebook. Like many people (including readers on LiveSide and Windows Live Wire’s team blog), I have had problems getting my Facebook updates on to my Windows Live Profile (Note: NOT Windows Live Home, see later). It seems like there’s a few things you need to set on Facebook’s end to get it working. Here’s Windows Live team’s response when we enquired about why it wasn’t working the first time we tried it:

The types of Facebook updates that you should be seeing on your Windows Live Profile are: Status message, Photos, Videos, Links, and Notes (but not comments about those items).

If you’re still not seeing these updates, one other thing to check is your privacy settings on Facebook. If you use the default settings for status updates, “Everyone” (or “My Networks and Friends” for Status and Links ONLY), then you should be fine. If you’ve changed these to more restrictive settings, then updates will not come over to Windows Live.

What this means is that besides adding the Facebook web activity, you will also need to configure your Facebook privacy settings such that it can be fed to your Windows Live Profile. But for those who knows a bit about Facebook will realise that there’s hundreds of privacy settings across Facebook, so which one will you need to change? We at LiveSide have gone through the trouble and will show you where exactly to change your privacy settings so that it’ll show up on your Windows Live Profile. So here it is:

To share your Facebook Status or Links on Windows Live Profile

  1. Go to
  2. Look for “Status and Links” and set that to either “My Networks and Friends” or “Everyone
    Facebook Status and Links Privacy Setting
  3. Notice that your Facebook Profile privacy settings can remain restricted to “Only Friends”
  4. Update your Facebook Status message or post a Link
    Facebook Status
  5. It should now show up on your own Windows Live Profile (and also your Windows Live friend’s What’s New feeds if you’ve allowed them to see it)
    Status on Windows Live Profile

To share your Facebook Photos on Windows Live Profile

  1. Go to
  2. Select the album you’re like to share with Windows Live, and set the privacy settings to “Everyone”. Alternatively, you can create a new album and set its privacy settings to “Everyone
  3. Upload your photos to the album you just created or edited in Step 2
    Facebook Photo
  4. The photos you just uploaded to Facebook should now appear on your own Windows Live Profile (and your friend’s Windows Live Photos)
    Profile Photos

To share your Facebook Videos on Windows Live Profile

  1. When uploading your Video to Facebook, you’ll be able to set the privacy settings for that particular video. Make sure you set it to “Everyone
  2. When the video has been uploaded to Facebook, it should also now appear on your own Windows Live Profile

To share your Facebook Notes on Windows Live Profile

  1. Go to
  2. Under “Who can see your Notes?” make sure you set it to “Everyone
  3. Create a new Note on Facebook
    Facebook Note
  4. When publishing your note, double check and make sure you set the privacy setting for that particular Note to “Everyone” (it should be the default if you’ve done Step 1 and 2)
    Note Privacy
  5. The Note you just posted should now show up on your Windows Live Profile
    Profile Note

The Windows Live team also wrote the following in response to many users expecting to see their Facebook news feeds (or even wall posts) to show up on their Windows Live Home:

Once you add the Facebook web activity, your updates won’t appear to you on Windows Live Home, just on your Profile (and on the Home pages of people in your network on Windows Live). This is because the Facebook web activity pulls over updates about things you have done, but nothing about what your Facebook friends have done, unless they’re also Windows Live friends, and they’ve also added the Facebook web activity. You can invite all of your Facebook friends (or just the ones you want) to join your network on Windows Live by going to

Oh and also note that there might be a slight delay between when you update your Facebook and when the activity will appear on your Windows Live Profile. And for those wondering, we do believe that you shouldn’t have to share your Facebook Photos and Videos with the public to get it appearing on Windows Live (particularly if you’re restricting the Facebook Web Activity to be shown your friends only on Windows Live), it completely makes no sense to us. However, we understand that this is a limitation on Facebook’s side and Microsoft is in the talks with Facebook to work out if a solution is possible. Let’s all hope that this will be changed soon in the future!

Nevertheless, hope this clears up some confusion and solves some of your problems with the Facebook Web Activity!