Image search for “the north face”: Bug, or Feature?

Sometimes on Twitter Search  you see a bunch of re-tweets, a “twitmeme”, if you will.  Right now a big one is “Microsoft embraces Open Source Big Time for Kumo” (eh, what?, more on that later).  Another one that caught our eye was this:


Just clicking on the links gives you this (click through to get the live queries):


(defaults to “any content”)


(set to “faces”)


Live Search seems to return with a completely different set of results, however.

Live Search:

(defaults to portraits only)


(set to “show all results”)


Which of course set off the naysayers.  However, as it says right at the top, Live Search defaults to portrait images in this case.  Now a number of people pointed this out to Avinash, by clicking on “Show all results for the north face” (or by quoting the search term: “the north face”, or by using the parameter +the north face), Live Search gives us this:

So from what we can surmise, a couple of basic differences.  First, Live Search defaults to portrait search, while Google defaults to “any content”.  Either can be reset.  Also, when comparing the faces queries, note that Google returns images with “north” in the image description or page where the image was found, and Live Search returns (mostly) with images with “north” in the image name.

Did Live Search get it wrong? or did it provide a wider range of choices?  Which do you prefer?