Live Mesh updates; inches toward v1.0

livemeshlonglogo Another week, another incremental Live Mesh update, this time all the way from 0.9.3424.31 to 0.9.4014.4.  According to a blog post on the Live Mesh blog, the changes deal mostly with web browser issues:


· Updated date/time stamp UI for news events

· Added news events for permission level changes to folders

· Fixed UI for folder permissions in Firefox 3.0, IE8, and Safari

· Fixed general IE8 compatibility issues

· Improved performance and functionality for large file uploads

If you have Live Mesh set to accept automatic updates, you won’t have to do anything.  You can check by right clicking the Live Mesh icon, and then Options.  If you prefer not to have Live Mesh update automatically, you can still get the update by clicking on “Check for Updates” in the same right click menu.