LiveSide Auto News: OnStar to use Virtual Earth; Zune in GM cars

OnStar Just announced this morning is the news that OnStar, the General Motors “in vehicle safety and security” subscription service, will soon be using Microsoft’s Virtual Earth in their emergency response system.  This means that OnStar operators will have access to 3D and Birds Eye images of subscribers’ locations, and have location information.   OnStar could also tie into local search listings and routing information, according to Chris Pendleton in a post on his blog.

What’s even better is OnStar is using Virtual Earth 3D to give them a truly immersive view of where users are and the area surrounding them. The solution is an excellent example of how Virtual Earth’s entire platform – high resolution photos, expansive data sets, up to date road maps, 3D experience and routing algorithms can help in an emergency situation such as those that OnStar provides assistance for.

We would add to that list what many consider to be a superior development platform for Virtual Earth, but hey what do we know? ;)

And in more GM news, some new GM cars will be sporting Zune interfaces into their sound systems, as part of a “GM mp3 connectivity kit” available now on the new Camaro and available soon on 27 other GM models.


Microsoft Senior Technology Specialist Michael Gannotti has more on his blog.