The one where we try out our backup solution

monkeywrench Thanks to our friend Robert McLaws, we’re set up here at LiveSide with a nightly backup using Jungle Disk and Amazon S3.  We’ve been pretty impressed by it, especially with the ~$1.00/mo charges we pay to have our database backed up.

Well today after monkeying around and inadvertently deleting a couple of users, it seemed like a good time to try out our backup.  Happy to say that it worked just fine, and things are pretty much all back to normal except that the last 2 posts (which were made after the nightly backup) are missing some views information, sorry about that.

Of course we try to use Microsoft and Windows Live products when we can (and we love Windows Home Server, and frankly couldn’t imagine going back to life without Live Mesh, for home use), but until a dead simple Azure solution comes along (and we know it will), it’s good to know our backup solution works.