Webware 100 Awards 2009 – And The Winners Are…

Webware2009_5F00_7268B596[1] Back in April we told you about the Windows Live and other Microsoft products nominations for the Webware 100 Awards 2009. Well, the winners just got announced. Nearly 630,000 votes were cast during the voting this year to pick the best Web 2.0 sites and services…

Here are the Windows Live and Microsoft products that won:

Category Browsing:

Internet Explorer 8 – Internet Explorer 8 is the latest version of Microsoft’s Web browser. In version 8, Microsoft has added som e key features that bring it up to speed with some of the competition – Site: Microsoft.com/IE8

Category Communication:

Windows Live Messenger – Windows Live Messenger is Microsoft’s instant-messaging service. Once called MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger is a chat client that also works with Yahoo’s IM protocol. Users can text and video chat, as well as make calls and send SMS text messages to telephones. It also has a shared file storage system that lets users swap and store files – Site: Messenger.live.com

Windows Live Hotmail – Windows Live Hotmail is the latest iteration of Microsoft’s free, Web-based e-mail service. The multipane interface lets you drag and drop messages into folders, or right-click messages for a menu of options. There’s also a "Today" tab of news, both international and social, that loads when you sign in. Windows Live Hotmail even lets you choose a color theme in case you feel like customizing it to match your tastes – Site: Mail.live.com

Category Infrastructure & Storage:

Windows Live Skydrive – Windows Live SkyDrive is Microsoft’s free Web storage service. Users get 25GB of space in the cloud where they can safely keep their files, and they can log in to access those them with their Microsoft Live IDSite: Skydrive.live.com

Category Location Based Services:

Live Search Maps – Live Search Maps is Microsoft’s online mapping service. Users can look up a location by address and get directions, complete with recent traffic reports that can change its estimation of how long it will take. It also uses a technology called ClearFlow that anticipates traffic based on past history of backups at specific times and dates – Site: Maps.live.com

Category Productivity:

Microsoft Office Live Workspace – Microsoft Office Live Workspace is Microsoft’s tool for sharing Office documents and mission critical files between multiple users. Workspace users can select privacy controls for each document and get the heads up when another user is editing it. If they want to work on a shared document at the same time, Live Workspace also taps into Microsoft’s SharedView to enable screen sharing and overwriting protection – Site: Workspace.officelive.com

Microsoft Office Live Small Business – Microsoft Office Live Small Business is Microsoft’s business-in-a-box service. It’s designed to get a small business on the Web–both publicly, with a Web site, and privately, for collaboration and back-office work. Businesses get their own domain, email, shared workspaces, Web site, and a contact manager tool – Site: Smallbusiness.officelive.com

Category Search & Reference:

Live Search – Live Search is Microsoft’s free Web search tool that plugs into various Microsoft Web properties as well as general indexing for pages all over the Internet. Users can search for news stories, photos, videos, as well as Microsoft’s other Web services like Live Maps and MSNSite: Live.com

Category Editors’Choice:

– Rafe’s favorites

Windows Live Sync – Microsoft’s Windows Live Sync is a file sync tool. It lets you connect any Mac or Windows computer’s directories together, so that any file saved or changed in one is automatically synchronized to the others – Site: Windows Live Sync

– Best Exit

Farecast Beta – The founders of airline price forecasting site Farecast cashed out during a brief resurgence of the airline industry after the September 11 downturn and before the double whammy of the 2008 oil crises and the financial sector collapse. Farecast can be used to find and determine when to buy airline tickets for a specific trip at the best price. It tells you if the current price is a good one by predicting if the price will go up or down later on. Farecast officially launched to the public in May of 2007 with fare predictions for the United States only. Since launch it added international destinations, hotel price predictions, and price protection insurance – Site: Farecast

So out of the 13 nominated Microsoft Products 10 won! Now that’s what we call a good score! The ones that didn’t make it are Live Mesh, Microsoft Silverlight and Live Search 411. Well hey, better luck next year, those are still good products but as with any competition not everybody can win. Being nominated counts for something too!

To all the teams that won: Congratulations from us here at LiveSide! Keep up the good work!