Windows Live Alerts gets the Wave 3 look…finally!

Windows Live Alerts have finally gotten a facelift and joins the rest of the Windows Live family in getting the “Wave 3” look – making it one of the last Windows Live services to make the switch (Video Messages just made the switch a month ago, and there’s only, Gallery and Silverlight Streaming left to go). Interestingly, Alerts totally skipped the “Wave 2” look and went straight from the good old Flair/Blue Vapour theme to the new one. Enough said, here’s a screenshot of the new look:

Windows Live Alerts

From initial testing, it doesn’t seem like it contains any new features as part of this update, besides the new “Featured Alerts Providers” homepages for each country/region. The link for website owners to sign-up and create their own alerts for their website was also removed from the homepage. The supposedly “new” feature for content owners to create custom Branded Alerts and Alert with Advertisement that was under limited beta testing previously was also not apparent in this update:

Custom Alert 

We also heard that it may become part of the new Azure Service Platform. At least this shows that Windows Live Alerts is still alive!

Thanks to Picturepan2 at and BV2312 for the heads up!