Bing Search Bars are now everywhere!

Today when you visit any of the Windows Live Wave 3 properties (with the exception of Family Safety and Agents), you’d have noticed the search bar on the top have been replaced with a new orange magnifying glass icon with Bing’s logo inside, like the one shown below:

Bing Search Bar

Not only this, but also for Internet Explorer 7 or 8 users who usually use Live Search as their default search provider in the search box up the top-right, the new Bing search provider add-on is now available. Click here to get it and make it your default search engine!

Search Provider

On a side note, Bing Mobile has now been completely rolled out. Simply visit and you’ll be able to see the new interface (you may have to refresh your browser cache to view the new logo)! Visit it on your iPhone or iPod touch and you’ll also get an optimised interface like the one shown below:

Bing Mobile - iPhone 

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