Live Agents Platform Retires Support For Bots, Tbot Gets Own Run Time Environment

Tbot, the translation buddy for Windows Live Messenger has to go through some remaking as the Live Agents Platform is retiring support for the bots. As TBot is based on the same platform, the team is developing their own run time environment to keep the agent running. The team reports:

This is a significant change, and it will take us time to get to the same scalability levels Live Agents currently have. That said, we’ll be starting an Alpha test period soon – we’ll let you know when we have instructions for this, as we’d love to have your help testing! Just be aware that interruptions will happen as we fix bugs and add more features.

We hope we can get the new version up and running soon, and meanwhile the Alpha Test version will be operating at limited capacity.

TBot v2 will have some of the new features announced last week: language auto detect and any-to-any translations.  Also, some of the dialogs will change as the team tries to accommodate the new scenarios and language options.

The Live Search Translator has also followed suit in the Bing renaming and is now known as Bing Translator.
Still reachable at the same URL btw: I wonder if this one will be remapped under as the other services have, does redirect to at the moment.