Photosynth Gets A Whole New Look And A Few Improvements

I don’t know what it is with the Photosynth Blog feed, but this one just turned up today, whilst the date on the post says May 21st… Anyways old news or not, to me and to most of you it will be new news so here it is:


Photosynth has a Whole New Look

The green Photosynth theme is still there, but the content has been made easier to read (dark background etc.). The new homepage now has a full viewer on it so you can directly explore the latest favorite synths. 

Below it 6 other synths are featured in the form of tradecards. These tradecards, which you will find throughout the site, contain the Favorite count, Comment count and geotag icon as well as the name of the synth, the author and the upload date.
The Search on the site has also been improved. You can not only search on keyword but you can also sort them on Best Match, Best Synth, Date Added, Number of Views or on author (Created By).
Along with these very visible changes the site got a lot of little bug fixes, tweaks and general improvements.

Initial Synth Visibility Setting

Point clouds are cool, but sometimes you may not want them them to show by default when your synth loads. Or maybe you want to show off just the points on Initial view! Now you get to choose if you want to show Images and Points, Only Points or Only Images on Initial Visibility. You can get to this setting by logging in and viewing any of your own synths.
 PhotosynthEdit PhotosynthSettings
There is a Edit Synth and Highlights button that will take you to the edit page when clicked. Happy Synthing!

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