Bing Maps Imagery Release – May 2009 (Introducing Bing Maps World Tour)

This month’s release contains 248,000+ sq. kilometers of new imagery. But not just that. You won’t get a ginormous list of locations but an experience, an experience in the form of the Bing Maps World Tour.
BingMapsWorldTour BingMapsWorldTourPins
The Bing Maps World Tour is hosted on Windows Azure and is built with the Bing Maps Silverlight Control (currently in CTP) to take advantage of the robust rendering capabilities within. Each month this tour will feature the latest imagery additions/updates to Bing Maps. You can sit back and watch the Slideshow, or explore it for yourself by navigating the pins.

A detailed description of the application’s features, and the list by country with sq. kilometers, can be found on the Bing Maps Blog.