Windows Live Movie Maker: coming this year (but not yet)

The Lead Program Manager on the Windows Live Movie Maker team (and as it happens one of LiveSide’s oldest friends, from back in the MSN Spaces days), Mike Torres, posted on Windows Live Wire today with a status update for Windows Live Movie Maker.

As you may know, Windows Live Movie Maker will be a completely rebuilt replacement for the Windows Movie Maker product that has shipped with Windows since Windows ME (but won’t be shipping in Windows 7).  It was included as an early beta with Windows Live Essentials, but as Torres admits:

People were surprised (or shocked, rather!) at the limited number of transitions, effects, and overall functionality in the program. We wanted to release the beta to start the conversation about the use of the ribbon and some of the overall changes to the software model, but in hindsight, the application just wasn’t useful enough for that.

While there’s no timeline for when we’ll see an updated version of WLMM (except for “this year”), Torres offers some glimpses of what to expect from a new version, including more rich-editing capabilities (more transitions, trim, split, multiple soundtracks are all feedback requests), “some sort of a timeline”, and a simple interface that would “(a)llow more experienced people to go deeper when they need to”. 

What won’t be available in v1 is support for Windows XP, as Windows Live Movie Maker is built on the new graphics capabilities in Vista and 7, including DirectX.