WL Movie Maker: No upgrade (but you have to update anyway)

No, this doesn’t make any sense (does it?).  Yesterday we told you about a nice little blog post updating the status of Windows Live Movie Maker, which is expected to be released later this year.  So today what pops up on Microsoft Download Center but a Windows Live Movie Maker Update, dated June 5:

Install this update to continue using Windows Live Movie Maker Beta until 12/30/2009. The current version of Windows Live Movie Maker Beta will expire on 6/30/2009, and will stop functioning.

sheesh As far as we can tell, there is no way to know that Movie Maker will stop functioning (other than noticing the download, or reading LiveSide, we guess), and we had to dig to find the current build number (File (to the left of Home on the ribbon)>Options).  Since we just installed Movie Maker last Friday, we’re pretty sure that the build numbers are current.  You should have 14.0. 8064, and the update will move you up to 14.0.8075.  There also apparently are no new features in this update, which just extends the expiration date of the beta.

We looked around, and couldn’t find any mention of this, and we’re not sure what will happen on 6/30 without the update, maybe you’ll get prompted to upgrade.  Kind of hard to imagine given the primitive nature of Movie Maker, but hey. 

If someone could explain to us why on earth the Windows Live Movie Maker team would go to all the trouble to write up the blog post but not mention this little tidbit, we’d appreciate it.

Via a tweet from this guy.