Microsoft Translator Instant Answers Now On Bing

Wow, did they read our comments? More integration of the translator into Bing? You got it! Starting today you can translate a word or phrase directly on Bing.

How does this work? Say you want to know how to say thank you in another language. Simply type ”translate Thank you” and Bing will return the following:
Neat huh? If you want it in one specific language you can get it by typing: translate Thank you to Dutch

As you can see it will return the query in the desired language. But wait there is more! There is a different way of asking to translate too. Let’s say you are wondering how to say orange juice in Spanish. We type in: how do you say orange juice in spanish (it is not cap sensitive) and lookie: 
Bing, there it is! Hello in Spanish?
Yep, works too! Awesome!

Now it appears that this only works if you have Bing set to United States (bah humbug), but hopefully this is something we really will see in other markets too.