Curious What “Morro” Will Look Like?

Are you curious what “Morro” will look like? Neowin received some screenshots from an anonymous tipster. Note that these are screenshots of an already outdated version, according to Paul Thurrott. So yea, it will give you some indication but then again…lots can still change! It is also not yet known what the final name of the product will be. “Morro” is just a code name, as Microsoft always uses when stuff is being tested internally.

What we do know is that OneCare will stop being sold via retail channels from 30 June 2009. So chances are we are going to see a beta/trial version of “Morro” before or round that date… we’ll keep our eyes open!

As for final release, Microsoft has stated that “Morro” would be available by the end of 2009 at the latest.