Morro To Be Named Microsoft Security Essentials?

Where we were wondering about what the release name of “Morro” will be before, it is now clear that “Morro” will be named Microsoft Security Essentials. New screenshots of a pre-beta build revealed this. So unless the people in Redmond change their mind, this is what it will be.

Curious? AddictiveTips already has a review up, complete with screenshots!
Chinese readers, head on over to LiveSino where Picturepan2 has been keeping up with “Morro” too.

Microsoft Security Essentials will be available for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 as standalone install packages, supporting 32 and 64 bit. Sources familiar to Microsoft’s plans revealed to Neowin that a trial version will be made available in September. September? Whatever happened to soon? Unless you call September soon…