Bing: The “Old New Thing” *

* (apologies to Raymond Chen)

Another day, and another A-List blogger “discovers” the “launch” of a Bing feature, which of course has been in Live Search for ages.  This time it’s Jason Calacanis, who posted news of the “launch” of XRank on Twitter, which has been receiving a number of ReTweets and some comments on Jason’s Friendfeed page:


Now of course getting discovered by the big boys isn’t such a bad thing, as then all the other big boys pile on:


(to be fair, TechCrunch didn’t call xRank new, and we agree xRank is better than Google Trends, but still, they did pile on ;)  )

Noticing xRank wasn’t the first bit of “old news”, of course. Right at Bing’s launch, MG Siegler and Loic LeMuir discovered video highlights:

This is just too good. One of the features of Microsoft’s just launched Bing search engine is that it auto-plays videos in results when you hover over them.

This caused quite the little tempest, as you may remember, and caused Bing, to its credit, to make some changes in how it handles explicit search results.

and a slew of users were amazed by scrolling image search.

Of course none of these features are new to Bing, they’ve been in Live Search all along, which only goes to show that 1) no one paid Live Search ANY attention (or they would have discovered these features long ago), and 2) the nice shiny new brand has been having an impact.  Of course we’re all for more people discovering good things about Bing, even if they have been around for a while.

And speaking of old new stuff in Bing, it looks like we’ll be getting a Bing branded Windows Mobile client sooner rather than later:


Thanks for the tease, Stefan!