Live Mesh: Version Update For Windows (June 25, 2009)

Over on the Live Mesh Team Blog the following just got announced:

Live Mesh for Windows 9.4014.7 has been released. It will automatically update. No action is required on your part. See the following sections for details, and thanks for using Live Mesh.

Version number

· Live Mesh Desktop: 0.9.4014.7
· Live Mesh PC (x86 and AMD64): 0.9.4014.7

Included in this update

· PC – Fixes for display problems in the Resolve Conflicts dialog box on computers running Windows 7
· PC – Improved performance in memory handling
· Layout and link changes on
· Server-side fixes for improved performance and stability

I’ve checked by checking for updates from the Live Mesh client but so far no update here…but maybe I’m just too hasty :P

Anyways, if you want to leave feedback for the Live Mesh team you can do so on Microsoft Connect or, anonymously, here. If you have some time the team would appreciate it if you take a few minutes to rate Live Mesh.