Microsoft India – Windows Live Planet

One of our readers, nikhil_jain, pointed out Windows Live Planet. Curious me just had to investigate.
Windows live Planet is a social network from Microsoft India. It will help you find people with similar interests as you. You can also “Populate Your Planet” as they call it by importing contacts from the social networks that are connected to Windows Live (Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Hi5 and Tagged), just as you can on your Windows Live Profile.

The site also makes use of the Messenger Web Bar, so you can chat to your windows Live contacts without leaving the site. This social network apparently hasn’t gotten much publicity (outside of India) yet as most of the people registered there live in India. And yes, you can register there too if you are in another part of the World, just choose your country from the dropdown as you sign up.

What I wasn’t able to find out is how long this social network exists. I tried to find out yesterday, but the email I’ve sent to the Feedback address returned User Unknown. Another victim of the lay-off rounds?

Windows Live Planet – Disclaimer

In order to offer you a friend locator service and build your online profile, we will be requesting you to share demographic information, such as location, age, gender and other areas of preferences, interests and favourites. This demographic information in addition to the other profile details that we are collecting would be available for viewing by other signed in members of the friend locator service, and will be publicly available until the you delete your online profile from the friend locator. Based on your online profile, you might receive invitations from other signed in members to become friends.We urge you to be cautious about any personal contact information that you share to prevent misuse.