Fisher Fire websites back up – except for Bing Travel

Nearly 30 hours after some problems with overheated switches caused the fire system to dump water in the Fisher Plaza data center, most of the websites affected have come back online.  Here’s a description of what happened, from TechFlash:

Here’s what Jim Clayton, vice president and general manager of Fisher Communications’ Seattle broadcast properties, told us when we were at the scene earlier today.

“We had a power surge last night, and the power surge overheated some of our switch gear, and the switch gear began to smoke, and when it smokes, the fire supression protocol takes over, and then it dumps water, so that really took the building offline, and because there was so much water there, even though our generator system did, in fact, work, it can’t be put online just because of safety issues until we’re certain that all of the water is out of the switch gear.”

Bing Travel, however, is not among them at this point.  In fact, a check of not only is still down, but some of it appears in Chinese (this is with US settings):


Bing Travel is built largely on technology acquired when Microsoft purchased Farecast, a Seattle company, and it stands to reason that the switch had not yet been made from Farecast’s servers (presumably at Fisher) to servers within Microsoft.  Whether or not this move is being made now, further delaying Bing Travel, or that something else is at play is open to speculation.  Microsoft workers were powering Bing Travel servers last night with portable generators, but as of this writing the site remains down (just checked one more time and the Chinese is gone, but the site is still down – obviously it’s being worked on).  We’ll update when the site does come back up.

Update:  Just checked again at 11:15am pdt and Bing Travel is back up and running.