Live Messenger Web Toolkit goes multi-lingual

Siebe announced yesterday on the Messenger Developer blog that the UI Controls now available in over 40 languages!

Hello! Hallo! Guten Tag! Buenos días! Hola! Alo! Hallå!

It’s just a selection of some of the languages the UI controls are now available in. We are very excited to announce that in total over 40 new languages are available for the UI Controls, as well as greatly improving support for right-to-left languages! Because localization is such a hip new feature, we have also decided to update the version of the library to 3.1. To get the new localization functionalities, you will need to point your loader to the following:

For a complete overview of all the languages that are available, please view our Appendix A: Supported Languages on MSDN.

So for those of you who have been following Colin’s series of posts on creating your own Web Messenger, you are now able to set it up so that non-english speaking countries can still use your creation. Make sure you read Siebe’s full post as he has some good examples and also some important points to note.

Update: Corrected js link. Thanks Jamie. Slaps to Siebe though…