Localised Bing background images arrives in Australia, Japan

Last week we reported that the full version of Bing will arrive in Australia, Canada, China, Japan and UK soon, today we see the beginning of this series of update. The Australian and Japanese version of Bing homepage had just been updated to have their own “localised” version of the homepage image, and these markets now have their own localised hotspot too! Have a look at the Australian homepage today:

Australian Bing homepage

Ironically, this very first highly “localised” Bing image for Australia features the New York-based Central Park.

However, do note that this is only the beginning of a series of changes and thus both markets still currently have the “beta” tag attached.  Expect more updates coming soon in the coming weeks and keep the buzz going around Bing!

You can also visit Long Zheng’s Bing Image Archive for all four variations of the Bing homepage background image for today.