Deep Zoom Composer Updated – July 2009 / Release Candidate

Deep Zoom Composer has yet again been updated, this to coincide with the release of Expression Blend + SketchFlow RC and Silverlight 3.

Download Deep Zoom Composer

As always, please uninstall all existing versions of Deep Zoom Composer before installing the new version. This release contains improvements to a handful of the existing features based on feedback many of you provided.

Bringing back the Blend / Visual Studio projects for certain templates was one of the changes made (see earlier team post). Furthermore the interacting with the Deep Zoom player has been made smoother by removing the constraints that often led to some odd/jagged zooming and panning. The final change of note has to do with Exporting where it has been made extensible as well as possible for you to create composition-less collection exporting. Say what? Don’t worry, the team will provide more explanation of that in a new series of blog posts.