Two new Windows Live services coming soon: Documents and Devices

Our friend Picturepan2 from has discovered two new services coming soon to Windows Live Wave 4: Windows Live Documents and Windows Live Devices. Here’s a screenshot showing the two new services added to the header of an internal testing website:

Windows Live Documents and Devices

(Documents and Devices had been added to the header. Also notice that Events has been removed.)

It’s not hard to guess what Windows Live Documents will offer, considering that Office Live joined the Windows Live team at the beginning of this year. However, what will Windows Live Devices offer? Fortunately we were able to dig further and gained a preview of the homepage for Windows Live Devices, currently undergoing internal testing:

Windows Live Devices


While were weren’t able to add any “devices” to Windows Live, it appears that Windows Live Devices will come coupled with a downloadable counterpart – an updated Windows Live Sync that is much more similar to Live Mesh’s functionalities, that will also become part of Windows Live Essentials. Like Office Live, the Live Mesh team also recently joined the Windows Live group at the start of this year. Recall what Stephen Rose (Windows Sr. Community Manager) mentioned a few weeks ago telling us to “watch for more seamless integration between your desktops and mobile devices.” Could this be it? Or are there more coming?

It seems like Windows Live Wave 4 is well underway, and the consolidation of Office Live and Live Mesh with Windows Live could only make it better. So stay tuned at LiveSide as we bring you more from Windows Live Wave 4!

Update: Looks like SkyDrive will form the “Live Desktop” component for Windows Live Devices. Also, the mention of “digital photo frames” in the screenshot above suggests that we’ll see some integration with FrameIt?