LiveSino gets a sneak peak at new Windows Live Movie Maker

Our buddy PicturePan2 has been busy (again), and he’s found out some new information about the upcoming release of Windows Live Movie Maker.  We can’t say much beyond what he’s said at this point, but here are some highlights from his post:


As you can see, Movie Maker is coming along nicely.  Note the extensive use of the ribbon interface, with tools changing contextually, according to


PicturePan2 explains that while there is no professional timecode based “timeline”, editing is based on “objects”.  I talked to him a bit via IM this morning (Bing Translator does an ok job (on translating, but still it’s a bit confusing):

users can trim the video or audio clip, can arrange the order of photos and videos, can choose when the text appears, and the durations of the objects

Since Movie Maker has been removed from Windows 7, it makes sense to us that Microsoft would try and get out a “working” version before the new OS hits the shelves, even as an out of band release with Wave 4.  Looks like that may come sooner rather than later ;), stay tuned. on Windows Live Movie Maker (more screenshots at source)