Two months in, Bing continues upward trend

This month’s flurry of Bing stories are piling up, with today’s Comscore numbers (released to analysts today) showing Bing with a slight improvement over last month, from 8.5 to 8.9 percent US search market share.  What is perhaps more interesting than the raw share numbers are that a number of recent publications have been digging a little deeper, and finding that maybe the vast chasm that separates Google from the rest of the world might not actually be quite that vast.  Hey, if Tiger Woods can lose a major he’s leading going into the last day, anything can happen, right?

First up is an analysis, also by Comscore, on loyalty to search providers.  In the study, Comscore found that while most US searchers did most of their searches on Google (of course), the penetration by a combined Microsoft/Yahoo grouping wasn’t actually that far behind.  That is, 73% of US search users used Microsoft and or Yahoo! (to 84% for Google):


Mashable’s Ben Parr summed up Bing’s marketing strategy nicely in a post last week, noting the main efforts to change perception and “drive trial” (marketing-speak for “get people to try it”).  comScore’s numbers above show that even though only some 8% of share is going to Microsoft, the numbers of people who have tried and are trying Bing (and soon, Bing + Yahoo!) are much bigger than that.

Of course we’ve seen search share numbers “inch up” before, but this time, with all the buzz around the launch, all those ads, and indicators like Bing Shopping’s 169% traffic increase, Bing just might be gaining a bit of momentum, even before the partnership with Yahoo! kicks in.

(note: this is the first post in our new Bing Blog, a way for us to concentrate our efforts while separating out Bing content.  We had to move some furniture around anyway, upgrading Community Server, switching to Google Reader for Blogs We Like, and getting ready for some more new features to come.  The Bing Blog will continue to show up on the main page and in our RSS feed, of course).