Playing with Bing APIs: Long Zheng’s latest project (cool and fun!)

Our good friend Long Zheng is at it again, after collecting the Bing home pages and taking on Microsoft over changes in the UAC in Windows 7.  This time he’s taken the Bing APIs, worked some JSON and JQuery magic, and come up with a very cool search page he’s calling “The Real Live Search”


Long explains:

Inspired by the realtime-ness of Google Wave, I wanted to build a prototype search engine that did away with a search button and page loads. Instead, search queries are sent character-by-character to the lightning fast Bing AJAX APIs which returned JSON results easily processed and formatted by Javascript on the page. The UI experience is driven solely by the browser

The screenshot above doesn’t do justice to how cool this is – every letter you type returns almost-instant results.  Of course this may be quite distracting if you’re doing serious searches, with the page changing at every letter typed, but the cool factor is way high on Long’s little experiment, it’s just very fun! – Long’s website Bing Home Page image archive
Long’s post introducing The Real Live Search The Real Live Search Bing Developer Center