The Virtual Earth/Bing Maps ASP .NET Control CTP – It’s Toast!

Just as the Live Framework CTP, this one will also disappear. It lasted little over a year. On the question what will happen with the Virtual Earth/Bing Maps ASP .NET Control, Chris Pendleton posted the following:

In brief, it’s toast. It was great for what it was (ASP .NET wrappers for the AJAX control); but, we really needed to build a control that used the services in a direct fashion and were supported from Microsoft. Now, just to be clear, there wasn’t a whole lot of magic here other than we wrapped what the AJAX control already did into an ASP .NET friendly library. So, everything that it did can still be done just using JavaScript.

But he doesn’t leave you hanging like that. He points out the Bing Maps ASP .NET control (Web.Maps.VE v2.0) from Chris Pietschmann (Simplovation), of which you can download a trial for free. Furthermore John O’Brien (Soul Solutions and LiveSide Dev Contributor) is planning on posting the code of the original VE ASP.NET control, which he wrote, to CodePlex.

If you want a supported .NET interface from Microsoft, you can use the Bing Maps Silverlight Control which is currently in CTP. Which, according to Chris Pendleton, will come out of CTP and become a supported version, so you do not have to fear it will share the ASP .NET Control’s fate.

Time to get into Microsoft Silverlight?