50 Bing Tricks for Students and Librarians (and you)

onlinecolleges.net OnlineColleges.net, a website ranking and reviewing online colleges, has put together a list of 50 tips for students and librarians using Bing.  Broken down into categories such as “Finding Information”, “Research and Collaboration”, and “Images and Video”, the site has developed quite a little list of Bing features.  Some of our favorites:

5.  Look up IP addresses. Type in IP: [IP address] (substituting [IP address] with the actual IP address) to find a list of domains associated with that IP address

14. Share search results. If you have found important information you want to share, email your search results or share via Facebook.

19. Show more results. If you want more than 10 results per page, change your Preference to get up to 50 results per page

38. Find out the weather. Weather forecasts are easy to find and easy to read when you select "weather."

The list is a collection of tips and tricks from all around the web, with links to the originals.  Nice job, OnlineColleges.net!