New Bing TV ad for Cashback: First Stop – Bing

TechCrunch has the first Bing Cashback TV ad up on YouTube, a pretty straightforward ad introducing Bing Cashback to the masses.  TechCrunch’s Jason Kincaid says:

“most people probably had never even heard of the program until now. This is the first time Microsoft has ever aired an ad for Cashback, and you can be sure that it’s going to strike a chord with plenty of viewers.”

We tend to agree, although the ad is short on particulars of how Cashback works (probably a sign that more ads are coming).  Here’s the ad:


YouTube Bing Cashback ad via TechCrunch

Microsoft is beginning to push Cashback harder, having just ended a successful “Double Cashback” promotion, that ended a few days early due to its success.  One retailer, the Watchery, had record setting million dollar days last Sunday and Monday, was very happy with the promotion:

“The opportunity to work with Microsoft has been monumental for our business, both in terms of sales and increased customer satisfaction,” (Watchery CEO Joseph) Levy says. “We look forward to new joint ventures with them in the future.”