Popfly RIP (but you can get the game engine from CodePlex)

popflyRIP Popfly, the game creator mashup experiment from Microsoft, closed its doors for good last Monday, but as a “parting present”, the Popfly creators have put the Game Engine portion of Popfly up on CodePlex.  Most of the Popfly code was too tightly coupled with internal Microsoft web services to make available publically, but the Game Engine, while perhaps of limited usefulness, still makes for some interesting code reading, according to a post on Ben Anderson’s Popfly Game Creator blog:

…it’s an interesting bit of code showing how to create a simple game engine in C# on Silverlight.  This should also provide an avenue for those of you who would like to take the leap from the world of the GUI game builder, look under the covers to see how things work and actually get your hands dirty with some real code!

(via @AvatarX)